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Inspiring, faith-based fiction written by
Christy R. Diachenko, published by
Dancing With Bear Publishing.


Lizzy is just fine. She’s forgiven her abuser and moved on.
She is a confident survivor until a brutal murder
catapults her back into fear, instability, and bitterness.
Is lasting peace and any hope of a happy future just an illusion?

5 Star Review from Amazon:
“Nolle Prosequi (no longer prosecute) is a legal term and something that
the main character Lizzy Godfry seems to struggle with. But it's not
criminal justice related--instead it references Lizzy's dark past.
But the past is hard to overcome and it amplifies
the doubt she's struggling to overcome
when she meets hunky Tucker Bates.
Like Lizzy, I too deal with inner demons.
Through her writing, the author does a great job
in assuring and reminding me of God's love
and the fact that I'm never alone...even in my darkest hours.
Simply woven into the story,
this lesson is one all readers will find comfort in as well.”

Nolle Prosequi Trailer


Memories hold Mickey captive. Memories of pain. Of darkness.
Of feeling lower than dirt.
She vowed she would never let herself be hurt again.
Survival mode has become her lifestyle.
Will Christopher’s love be enough or will the demons
of past abuse and unforgiveness
forever hold her in emotional bondage?

5 Star Review from Amazon:
“This book gripped me. The hope it provides and the fun reading it;
I couldn't put it down!
This is such a positive and uplifting story!”

Broken Promise Trailer

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