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C. Rose Naturals - Curated With Your Skin in Mind


Luxurious Goat Milk Soaps, Lip Balms, Cuticle Creams, Lotion Bars, & Butters

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The C. Rose Naturals Story

I had been suffering from chapped, peeling lips off and on for several years. I tried many different brands of lip balms/serums/scrubs
but was unable to find anything that really helped. More than once I thought that I should try making something myself.

I was listening to the radio one day and they were discussing the overabundance of dandelions this year.
Listeners were texting in ideas of what to do with them. The discussion piqued my interest, so I went to Duck Duck Go
and performed a search. I was shocked to find that not only is every part of the dandelion plant edible,
but when infused in oil, they can be helpful for dry skin. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals
and are purported to have other medicinal uses because of their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
This prompted me to try making dandelion infused oil and then using that oil in several personal care products.
I initially intended to make these just for myself, but I’ve been so pleased with the results I decided to offer them for sale as well.

In the process of researching dandelion uses, I also stumbled on the use of violets and violas.
I have made infused oil with these plants as well and created the same personal care products.
Since the leaves and stems have as many vitamins and benefits as the flowers, I infuse using both, which yields products
that are a beautiful sage green color depending upon how much infused oil is used.

In addition to my dandelion and violet selections, I have also added a coffee line of products. I have found
the coffee oil in these products to be incredible for my skin and my customers have notice the same benefit.

In my quest for making top-quality natural skin care products, I decided develop a line of soaps as well. I had not used bar soaps
in years because I always found them harsh and drying. I had used shower gels exclusively. But when I realized I could
research and craft bar soaps myself, I was hooked. My line of luxurious goat milk soaps all contain goat milk and honey.

All of my products contain premium non-GMO oils and natural ingredients. I use no artifical color or fragrance. Thanks so much
for stopping by. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I do!


**Coming soon - luxurious almond milk soaps**


Lotion Bars: "I love the lotion bars. They smell nice and leave your hands so smooth. Right now I am using the coffee lotion bar
and it isamazing to me how much smoother and softer the skin on my hands look and feel!" D.P.

Soap: "These soaps make good shampoo as well as body soap. My scalp feels so much better since using this soap!
It suds up nicely all the way to the end of the bar." N.C.

Soap: It smells great and has a great lather. Left my skin feeling very soft & moisturized after a shower." Allison

Soap: "I felt like I was at a spa during my shower. The aromatherapy from the peppermint was relaxing and all of the differnt oils
made my skin feel so smooth and clean. I'm glad that I ordered 5 extra bars. I can't run out of that soap!" P.S.

**Nothing in the above narrative should be construed as medical advice or medical claims. Products should always be tested on a small
area. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Pregnant and/or nursing mothers should see a doctor's advice before using my products. Do not
use if allergic to any ingredient.**


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